Baby Walker - Baby Harness

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Baby Walker - Baby Harness


Our Baby Walker helps your baby learn how to walk! The harness fits comfortably around your baby and extends up to an easy helping handle for the parent. It's the perfect tool to help your baby stay on their feet while exploring and learning how to walk.

8-11 Months: At the beginning of the toddler, the center of gravity is unstable.
After 12 months: The baby can stand still, can be removed from the crotch, slightly assisted, let the baby walk comfortably
After 13 months: Baby legs can already walk, can be switched to pull-back

Material: Polyester and Cotton
Suitable for babies 6-24 Months Old
Adjustable Size: 54c m-70cm
Easy on parents' back and arms
Helps babies stay on their feet while learning how to walk
Prevents baby from falling
Comfortable for baby
Load Bearing: 20Kg

Package Included:

1 x  Baby Harness