• As soon as the baby is born, parents start preparing toys for the baby. But what kind of toy to choose is not always in my mind. Some parents do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on big plush dogs, electric trains, etc. The baby may not like it. So what should be the criteria for choosing a toy for a baby?


  •        First, consider the age characteristics that are appropriate for your baby. Infants under the age of 1 mainly develop sensory perception and motor development. The toys chosen should be consistent with the physical and psychological development of infants. Babies under 3 months mostly lie on the bed. At this time, you can buy some colorful blow-molded toys and toys with pleasant sounds to hang around the crib to stimulate and develop his vision and hearing. Babies from 4-6 months Start learning to grasp, then you can prepare some sound toys with handles, such as rattles, rattles, etc., so that he can practice the movements of reaching, grasping, grasping, and shaking, and also use these toys to induce the baby to practice turning over; 6 The -9 month baby will sit and crawl, and the limbs will cooperate with each other. At this time, you can buy blow-molded big balls, dolls and other toys to train him to move arms together, and train him to sit and turn around and crawl. ; 10-12 months babies will play smaller things such as pinch toys, simple building blocks, cups, plastic bottles, etc. Parents can let him play with these toys more to develop finger movements and the ability to coordinate hands and eyes And at the same time teach him the names of these toys to promote the development of his language.


  •        Secondly, pay attention to the requirements of safety and hygiene when choosing toys. Most babies like to put toys in their mouths, so they are required to be non-toxic and harmless; in fact, most water-based paints are safe. If you are still unsure, you can choose unpainted beech wood and bite it casually. The shape of the toy must be safe to prevent children from stabbing or scratching during play; It ’s best to choose toys that can be cleaned frequently,to prevent intestinal diseases; in addition, easily damaged toys can easily disappoint babies and cause unhappiness Therefore, the choice of toys should be as durable as possible, and can withstand knocks.
  •       Early education is a compulsory course for parents, and their seriousness in this course shows how much they love their children. Our company's toys are the best products for novice parents