DIY Felt Christmas Snowman Set - Children's Favorite Gift

  • DIY Felt Christmas Snowman Set - Children's Favorite Gift

DIY Felt Christmas Snowman Set - Children's Favorite Gift


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Do you want to build a snowman?

This DIY Snowman for kids will be the perfect gift for your child or grandchildren.Ā Keeps kids occupiedĀ during the holiday season. Children love being creative! Little do they know it's good for their development as well.Ā Order yours now so you have it before the holidays start!
Not only will you have some quiet time, but this will help children to build developmental skills and their creativity. Children loveĀ being "Hands On" and with this practical snowman canĀ Ā "Do it themselves".Ā Ā 
Fostering creativity won't just increase your child's chances of becoming the next Picasso. You're also helpingĀ them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally! Feeling good about being creative boosts self confidence.
Unique andĀ practical our snowman is made with high quality durable felt and can be reused year after year!Ā Works perfect as a wall or door hanging decoration also!
We are always telling kids not to touch things, but this DIY snowman is something just for them! Keeps kids entertained and away from the things they shouldn't touch.
  • Includes:Ā 1pcs DIY felt Christmas snowman set (39.4") + 31 pcs ornaments: Christmas gloves, Scarves, snowflakes, hat, etc.
  • Material:Ā All components are felt.Ā It can beĀ hung on a wall or door or play on the ground. The snowman DOES NOT directly stick to the wall.Ā  You hang it on the wall of door, so nothing gets ruined.
  • This Christmas snowmanĀ can be used as a decoration or suitable for play! Perfect for daycares, schools, churches and homes. Suitable for children over 24 months old
  • Occasion:Ā Holiday, Thanksgiving, Childrens party or Christmas decoration for kids.Ā This is useful toĀ  build children's imagination and creativity.
  • Packaging:Ā DIY Christmas snowman set is sent folded, when it arrives, you can use an iron to make itĀ  perfect and ready to hang on a wall or door.
Here's what our customers have to say:
Beverly, U.S.A.:Ā I bought this as an activity to play with my 23 month granddaughter, it's ideal, the included decorations have Velcro tabs so can be re-positionedĀ time and time again
Shirley, U.K.:Ā I bought this so my daughter could hang it in her home office. My grand kidsĀ come in there and want to touch everything, but now they come in and play with this snowman instead! The only thing is I had to order another one because I have two grand kids and they both always want the same scarf.Ā